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We hope you enjoy your stay with us at The Tri-Pod


Whilst we want you to enjoy yourselves, here are a few pod rules to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay


Cleanliness: Guests should always shower before using the hot tub to remove any makeup, oils, or other substances that could affect the water quality.


No Glassware: To avoid potential injury, glass containers should never be allowed near or in the hot tub. Plastic or shatterproof containers must be used instead.


Medication: Do not consume alcohol, drugs, or medication while using the hot tub.


Time Limit: Prolonged exposure to hot water can cause dizziness or heat stroke. Guests should limit their soaking time to 15-20 minutes and take a break before re-entering.


No Diving or Jumping: Due to the relatively shallow depth of the hot tub, diving or jumping in could lead to serious injury. Enter and exit the hot tub carefully.


Supervision for Children: Children under the age of 12 should never be allowed in the hot tub without adult supervision.


Temperature Control: The hot tub temperature should never exceed 38°C


No Electrical Appliances: Any electrical devices, including phones, speakers, or laptops must be kept at a safe distance from the hot tub.


Health Caution: People with heart disease, diabetes, any serious illness, or are pregnant should consult a healthcare professional before using a hot tub - Do not use the hot tub if you have open wounds.


Cover After Use: Guests must cover the hot tub after each use.

Hot Tub Rules



Please be aware that we are in a remote location where Internet access can be patchy.  We have a satellite connection that accesses the internet over 4G


WIFI NAME – The Tri-Pod

PASSWORD – The Tri-Pod

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Please use the bins that are provided in the Pod. 


A larger bin is located behind the pod for when the bins inside the Pod are full.

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There are many great restaurants and caffes around the area. Here is a list of our favourites!

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Premier Express

Llanarth, SA47 0ND

Nisa Express

Llwyncelyn, SA46 0HF

Nisa Local

Ffosyffin, SA47 0HA




The first thing most people see when they approach Aberaeron are the charming, colourful houses adorning the town like jewels. Here's a place to come and relax - mooching around the harbour, exploring the independent shops and craft centres and enjoying a homemade cake and cuppa. The town is right on the Wales Coast Path and The Coastal Way. Ceredigion's coast is also well-known for wildlife including the famous Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin pods.


New Quay

A visit to New Quay is all about feeling the sand between your toes. New Quay sandy beaches extend in an arc around the bay, and in the small harbour you'll find boats to take you on a dolphin spotting trip in Cardigan Bay.

New Quay marks the halfway point on the Wales Coast Path and the great Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas enjoyed a few pints in the local. Definitely time for a visit. New Quay is a place to visit any time of the year. Walk along the seafront to the end of the Quay and just watch the boats sail by. Or just sit back and enjoy one of the cafes overlooking the harbour.



The market town of Cardigan is an essential stop on your visit to Cardigan Bay. The slow pace of change in this part of Wales has helped preserve the 19th character and charm of this ancient town. The narrow streets, traditional shops, inns and eating places many with their original Georgian and Victorian fronts help create a unique visitor experience


01545 560800

07795 242455




Ceredigion's 60 miles (96km) Coast Path is a very special part of the Wales Coast Path, with probably the most varied landscape and terrain of the 870 mile (1400km) route. As well as great views north towards Snowdonia and south towards Pembrokeshire, the Ceredigion Coast path has a wealth of wildlife, geological and archaeological features, and a colourful history to discover along the way.

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